Underground Festival

“Baked Sale” by Amy Holsten

Kelli and her sisters need to think of something to make some money quick when she finds out some bad news. Their solution?  A Baked Sale.

(2010) 9min. 29 sec.

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“Record Store in Space (a true story): Chapter One – February” by Data Too Short Productions

A truly hysterical love-hate letter to that unfortunately dying breed: the Friendly Neighborhood Record Store. Kudos to Data Too Short and Streetlight Records (I love Streetlight!) for showing how it really is working it in music retail.

(2010) 13 min.

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“Lipstique (featuring Fauxnique)” by Silencefiction


This is an incredible music video that I was so happy to be a part of. It features, aside from a great song by Silencefiction and Fauxnique, some of the illustrious drag personas of San Francisco. I’m very proud to be a part of this Gaggle of Queens. Aside from being a “who’s who” tutorial, “Lipstique” is also a easy-to-follow educational video about how to properly look like a real woman. Learn!

(2009) 4 min. 33 sec.

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“Working Stiff” by Jesse Kerman

A video store clerk who’s still a nerd even after killing himself continues to pine for the goth girl who ignored him, even when he was not rotting. Yes it’s true… zombies need love too. Undead and a geek! Now that’s my kind of boy.

(2003) 13 min. 46 sec.

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“The Secret Lives of Sock Monkeys” by Justin Bastard Sane

A self-proclaimed “thought provoking expose” of the sexual lives of sock monkeys: in other words, some messed up shit.

(2006) 1 min. 26 sec.

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“Don’t Eat At Joe’s” by Dillon Thomas

I think that a real artist can be even more disgusting working in animation than he or she can in live-action. This film certainly proves it.

(2006) 1 min. 12 sec.

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“I Am What I Am” by Jim Hopkins

Please… still help repeal Prop 8, even after watching this video.

(2007) 4 min. 44 sec.

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“The Fine Art of Poisoning” by Bill Domonkos & Jill Tracy

The perfect blending of sound and image. Jill Tracy’s voice is sublime, as is this video, which tells the story of a love scorned, and the revenge that is served cold, deadly cold. Constructed with animation (both 2D and 3D), still photos and hand-drawn images, this film is truly brilliant. Make sure to check out Jill Tracy’s other music, at www.myspace.com/jilltracymusic.

(2007) 5 min. 29 sec.

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“Oh Yeah! The Return of Kool-Aid” by Lon Lopez & John Swick

Now here’s an action hero I could get behind! I always knew Kool-Aid was good for you, (after all that’s what TV told me), but who knew it could help fight evil drug lords? It’s also good to know he’s still got a career after all these years. One of the best comebacks in recent memory.

(2003) 3min. 18 sec.

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“Get OVER It Honey” by Snuggles

A truly nightmarish glimpse into the world of ‘gay conformity’. Also, the best use of “Rosemary’s Baby” sampling I’ve ever seen. This comes from the mind of someone who’s been there and lived through it. Very scary indeed, and very, very funny.

(2006) 9 min. 46 sec.

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