Inappropriate Hugz: Hugz Bunny is Here to help YOU!

ZOMG o hai u guise!!!11!

Some of you probably recognise me from Midnight Mass where I humbly hand out the weekly bulletin and shamelessly try to get on stage every chance I get. Some of you (lucky you!) also probably know me from certain other dark and boozy places you probably don’t tell your mom about (me neither!, but let’s just keep all that entre-nous for now, k?)

Anywayz, let me explain to you why you are now reading these words that I’m typing at you: I am TOtally your new PeachesChrist.com official advice columnist! *cue parade* Read More…



Voila!  That’s French for something and it seems an appropriate way to inaugurate my website Tranifesto here at the all new, fully updated and re-designed PeachesChrist.com.   I’m beyond thrilled to be presenting this online world of all things Peaches Christ Productions, and I’m hoping you’ll explore everything we have to offer here and become one of us, the children of the popcorn.  I should warn you though that as you read this very sentence I’m washing your brain. Peaches is pretty. Peaches is pretty. Peaches is pretty.

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The SFMOMA 75th Anniversary MUSE Campaign

You Worship Your Idols… I Worship Mine.

The SFMOMA 75th Anniversary MUSE campaign features yours truly as one of eight Bay Area artistic leaders and nothing thrills me more than seeing this plastered about town. Apparently a homeless person was seen peeing on one of the wall billboards in the Mission. I want pictures!

I’m honored beyond belief to be a part of the MOMA’s campaign. The photograph they chose for the ad actually caught me at a very candid moment. Nothing makes me tear up more than MJ and Bubbles. Hey, I got a heart too you know – though black and rockhard it may be.

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What’s In My (Amoeba) Bag? Watch and see…

Hello my lovelies,

If any of you are wanting to spice up the season with a good movie, please check out my Amoeba Music What’s In My Bag? spot that I did. The florescent store lighting is quite hideous, but I try hard to serve daytime realness while offering my best shopping choices for the day. Some of my choices were left on the cutting room floor, but I think this was a great shopping day for me and I’d love for you to see it. J’adore Amoeba! You can check out the video RIGHT HERE.

Fiercely Yours,

Peaches Christ

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