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Jive Turkey! 5 More Days to Save on the All About Evil DVD!

Hey Jive Turkeys,

I wanted to send out a Happy Thanksgiving to all you ghouls in the hope that this somewhat gross and gluttonous holiday gets you stuffed! I promised myself I would not over-eat this year and guess what? I’m constantly breaking promises! Seriously though, not to be all mushy and what not, but I guess the thing I’m most grateful for this year is being surrounded by the most talented group of friends and fans a ghoul could ever hope to have.

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It’s Finally Here! All About Evil DVD now available for pre-order!

Hey Ghouls,

I’m sending out this quick note to let you all know that the Unrated Collectors Edition DVD of our dark comedy gore film All About Evil is finally here, just in time for the holidays! As part of our special pre-sales promo, you can save $5 on every purchase by buying them online before they hit the streets on December 1st. I’m really proud of how the DVD was produced and it’s full o’ extras including:

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She Came, She Saw, She Conquered, She Left a Bloody Mess…

WOW! FINALLY, A PICTURE OF THE VOMIT ITSELF!!! This incredible All About Evil EUROPEAN PREMIERE re-cap courtesy of Bren O’Callaghan (aka The Lady Pudding) tells the complete story of our Manchester, England production. Check out the photos, the videos, and links related to our British Adventure at the Abandon Normal Devices festival. This is a full reprint of the article by The Lady Pudding. Enjoy, Ghouls!


Abandon. Normal. Devices. That’s right, roll those words around your mouth as if you were tying a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue. A double-knot, mind. Intended as a catalyst for production and experimentation, AND is a collaboration between Cornerhouse(Manchester), FACT (Liverpool) and folly (Lancaster), cross-regional in base but international in scope. During October 2010 the emphasis was upon on explorations of identity, behaviour and systems that define who and what we are: from gender, questions relating to ab/normality and picking at the scab of taboo to reveal the raw and puckered flesh glistening beneath. Read More…

All About Evil Recap – Phoenix

The All About Evil Phoenix Recap

By Michael Varrati

It’s a sunny Saturday on the Southside of Pittsburgh and I’m quietly sitting at a coffee shop, nursing a rather unremarkable cup of java. I find myself staring down a woman several tables away who looks suspiciously like Leslie Hall, and I even briefly consider asking her if she is in fact the internet songstress. However, my internal debate is cut short with the chirping of my phone, announcing an incoming call from the one and only Peaches Christ.

I’m generally relieved to hear from Peaches, as we hadn’t actually touched base since the night of her Arizona show. I was concerned in the interim that she might have been deported, especially considering the state she was visiting and the fact that the surname “Christ” speaks to a generally Middle Eastern background. Read More…

ABANDON NORMAL DEVICES: Festival of New Cinema & Digital Culture

Presents All About Evil - UK Premiere!


During 01- 07 October 2010, Abandon Normal Devices (AND) investigates how normality is closely intertwined with the constructing and collapsing of identities; driven by a desire to question the heart of the system and how we are shaped towards a sense of normality through cinematic shenanigans, installations, online projects, public realm interventions, debates, workshops and live events.

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All About Evil Recap – Atlanta

Article & Photography By Michael Varrati

“Can I take your picture?”

Glaring at the camera with disdain, I pull my lips back into a hateful snarl. I don’t particularly have anything against the cute little girl who asked to snap our photo, but it’s my understanding that the people here expect a show.

Studiously examining the digital display screen, the girl finally takes her shot. The flash goes off, my stained teeth and malice-filled glare captured forever.

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All About Evil Recap – Maryland Invasion!

The All About Evil Maryland Invasion Recap

By Michael Varrati

Photographs by Christopher Anderson

“Do you keep a catalog of creative ways to kill people?”

A momentary silence falls as Joshua Grannell, writer and director of All About Evil, considers the question.  His answer, when it comes, is simply stated but effective:


Met with riotous applause, Grannell’s enthusiastic confession of bloodlust is instantly embraced by the Baltimore audience sitting before him. Rowdy and electric, it becomes clear to the casual observer that in addition to celebrating the cinematic achievements of the film being screened, this is also a crowd that wants to make it clear to the Maryland-born filmmaker that his return home is warmly welcomed.

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All About Evil Recap – Milwaukee / Chicago


Midwest Midnight Mayhem: The All About Evil Milwaukee & Chicago Recap

By Michael Varrati

Put down your Schlitz and hold off on that second slice of deep dish pizza, because the mighty Midwest has a brand new favorite…and her name is Peaches Christ.

Having already conquered cities on either coast, it was inevitable that our dear cult mistress would eventually travel inward to bring All About Evil to the American heartland.  This past weekend saw the fulfillment of that inevitability when Peaches and company arrived to do a two night Evil-filled extravaganza in the cities of Milwaukee and Chicago.

Thematically speaking, the shows in both of these cities had relatively similar content, but as we were soon to discover, local talent and spirit made each one of these two nights irrepressibly unique.

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1st Clip from ALL ABOUT EVIL / Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Peaches is proud to announce that ALL ABOUT EVIL will make its Canadian premiere as an Official Selection of the 5th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival on Tuesday, August 17 at 9:45pm; her alter-ego Joshua Grannell will be in attendance.

As a special added treat, audiences are encouraged to dress up in their best “Gore Couture” to participate in a costume contest to be judged by Grannell and Toronto’s own “Ladybearextraordinaire” Fay Slift, with the lucky winner scoring exclusive ALL ABOUT EVIL prizes! Visit the Festival’s official website to grab your tickets now:

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All About Evil Recap – New York City

Peaches Christ Takes Manhattan: The All About Evil New York Recap

By Michael Varrati

“That guy’s outfit is cute, but his teeth are really gross!” says a young cinema attendee, assuming she’s out of earshot.

She isn’t.

…and she’s talking about me.

However, in this one unique case, it’s the kind of slight I don’t particularly mind. After all, it’s the New York City premiere of All About Evil and a little grossness is certainly the order of the evening. The teeth in question are the latest addition to the evil usher outfit that I donned for the Los Angeles show, serving as a disgustingly stained homage to the dentally deficient killer played by Noah Segan in the film. For the audience just making their way into the theater, these little nuances are not yet apparent, but a few hours later when they exit, I hear nothing but praise for the attention to preshow detail that surrounded them from the evening’s onset.

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