Atlanta Premiere! San Francisco Homecoming!

Hey Ghouls,

Hotlanta, here we come! That’s right, I’m finally heading to the Peach State where I hope to get many photos of myself with Peach paraphernalia. Hey y’all- do y’all know any folks down there in the south that you can send our way? I’m hoping we can get a grand ole’ southern hospitality style turnout for the big Evil Atlanta Premiere with myself and Mink Stole! All the details about the screening and more can be found RIGHT HERE. Of course, because this has been the ultimate tour of food and I can’t deny myself any culinary pleasures, I’m a little bit worried about hitting Atlanta and still being able to squeeze myself into the tour gore couture for our following stop in Arizona. I swear to GOD that Bea Dazzler once asked someone to get her some pliers when trying to zip me into a dress and it was truly horrifying. But when looking at some peach pie and pralines I just gotta say “oh well”.

Also, this Friday, Ms. Stole and yours truly will be appearing for a signing at something called DRAGON-CON in Atlanta and I’m beyond thrilled to be co-headlining a bona-fide Drag Convention. I’ve never been before but am thrilled!!! Someone told me the drag here can be seriously unusual and includes, but is not limited to the very best storm-trooper drag, anime drag, lord of the drag drag, na’vi drag, and MORE. I can’t wait! Be sure to come and see us there!

Also, our Maryland Premiere was TRULY fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better homecoming. To be invited to screen Evil at the American Film Institute in their state-of-the-art auditorium for the Washington D.C. audience was beyond flattering. It all felt so official! And the Baltimore Creative Alliance screening was exactly how I dreamed it would be. Those are my peeps and they really “got” the movie and I got a standing ovation!!! Check out the pictures and re-cap on our very own website RIGHT HERE

Speaking of homecomings, All About Evil finally comes home to San Francisco for its big run at THE VICTORIA THEATRE on October 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. This event will feature the fully realized stage-show Spooktacular that we partially presented at the SF Premiere back in May.

Imagine seeing a creepy movie on the set of the movie! Be ready for characters to walk off the screen and be interacting with you as soon as you enter! Monsters galore! Audience participation! It will be the ultimate Peaches Christ Experience In 4-D!

We haven’t begun our marketing campaign yet, so you’re truly the first to know that tickets for the shows have gone on sale and can be purchased online RIGHT HERE

Fiercely Yours,

Peaches Christ

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