Unrated Collector’s Edition AAE DVD! Holiday Cards! Burlesque!

Hey Ghouls,


This upcoming weekend we’re traveling all the way to Minneapolis with Evil co-stars Thomas Dekker, Jade & Nikita Ramsey, Anthony Fitzgerald, and Ashley Fink. This unofficially marks the end of the 2010 Tour De Fierce aka the Tour De Fat-Ass. On the road, my only comfort is food. It’s been an incredible year and I never dreamed we’d be able to take our movie on tour with a big ol’ Midnight Mass style pre-show Spooktacular, but we did, and the whole thing has been a wonderfully wild journey I’ll never forget.


I’m a bit sad that this weekend’s show is our last one on the official tour, but I’m thinking we’ll continue to present live 4-D Experiences with Evil for many years to come. That’s my hope at least! Please, tell any of your friends anywhere near Minneapolis to come check us out this Saturday night. All the details can be found RIGHT HERE.


In conjunction with the tour ending and just in time for the holidays, the Unrated Limited Collectors Edition All About Evil DVD is gearing up for its release. I’m super excited about everything that comes on this thing! There are two different documentaries, two original short films, and more included in the Evil Extras.


Also, we’ll be doing a special Pre-Sales Promotion on my website starting NEXT WEEK where people will be able to save $5 on every DVD they purchase by ordering through us online. I will be sending out an email to you guys first, ahead of the public, as soon as the pre-sales hit the internet.

I’m hoping that people will buy loads of Evil DVDs for their loved ones, but in case you’re the proper type who also likes to send out a holiday card each year , I’m hoping you’ll consider one of THREE brand new, first-time-ever, Peaches Christ & Martiny Holiday Cards.

All three styles are meant to offend your friends and family. I’m going to include a sneak peak at one of the versions below. It was not an easy card to create. To get the perfect photo, they hung me on a cross and jammed candy canes through my hands like they were spikes. Martiny took great pleasure in sucking on those canes, whittling down the ends with her mouth to a sharp and dangerous tip. Bitch.

All of you are invited to this special advance screening just for us! All About Evil Writer / Director Joshua Grannell joins SF MovieBears for a special, private screening of the “promising” looking Burlesque. Tonight, lets decide if this movie could ever be screened at a future Midnight Mass!

BURLESQUE SCREENING (tickets & more)

Fiercely Yours,

Peaches Christ

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