Sketchfest’s RISK! Also, Gregg Araki’s New Film KA-BOOM at Indiefest!

Hey Ghouls,

OK, so I have to tell you that my “alter-ego” or whatever is coming out and making some upcoming appearances and while he’s kinda boring compared to yours truly, I thought some of you may be interested, if for no other reason than the events themselves are going to be wicked fun for everyone. Joshua Grannell (said alter-ego) joins Kevin Allison (The State), Will Durst (CNN), Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Mary Van Note (Comedy Darling), and more this Friday night for Kevin Allison’s show RISK! It’s a story-telling show where folks come and share true tales they never before imagined they’d tell in public.

I’ve got a horrible feeling that “Joshua” may be gearing up to tell some humiliating, embarrassing, possibly damaging stories about, well, me! It doesn’t help that the theme of this particular show is Drugs and Alcohol. Look, I’m not an ego-maniac, I just know how “he” is. The show is this Friday night, at the historic Purple Onion in North Beach and starts at 8pm. Information and tickets can be found RIGHT HERE.

The following week “he” will be appearing again when he joins Jeff Ross for the opening night of SF Indiefest to co-introduces the brand new Gregg Araki film KA-BOOM!. I absolutely love Gregg Araki and have been a huge fan for years and years. The Living End, The Doom Generation, and Mysterious Skin are my all-time top-three favorite films of his.

Those early films were truly inspiring, and I’m thrilled to report that I caught a screening of Ka-Boom when I was at a film festival in Sitges, Spain with All About Evil. I had really high expectations for the film because not only was it Gregg Araki’s new film but my dear friend and Evil star Thomas Dekker plays the lead. I’m thrilled to report that I absolutely loved it! It’s super weird, sexy, colorful and really reminds me of the unapologetic in-your-face filmmaking of Mr. Araki’s early works. Also, Thomas is completely wonderful in the movie and if you’re a fan of Mr. Dekker’s- allow me to confirm that, yes it’s true, the film opens with a full-frontal nudity shot of Thomas in all his glory. So, check it out at the SF Indiefest Premiere next Thursday night at 7pm at The Roxie. Tickets are still available RIGHT HERE.

ALSO, don’t forget about our back-to-back gigantic mega-events. Tickets are now on sale for Idol Worship: An Evening With Cloris Leachman, as well as, CHUCKY vs. CHRIST: With Jennifer Tilly & Don Mancini In-Person. And don’t forget that for CHUCKY, there’s a SPECIAL DISCOUNT available exclusively to you, members of the exclusive PC Fan Club. If you would like to save $3 on every ticket you purchase, enter the code word macdeath when prompted. All the info and links to purchase online tickets for the ultimate “date night” can be found RIGHT HERE

Fiercely Yours,

Peaches Christ

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