SLEEPAWAY CAMP @ The Bridge Theatre, Saturday 6/4 @ 12midnight

Swiss army knife? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Martiny repellant? Check.


Midnight Mass with Camp Counselors Peaches Christ Martiny present SLEEPAWAY CAMP


For the very first time at the Bridge Theatre, Peaches Christ Productions is proud to present one of the best Summer movies ever… the Horror clas-sick Sleepaway Camp! Make sure you’re here for this RAREST of screenings of one of the truly legendary films of ‘80s cult cinema.

Bust out your polyester short shorts, bring that old bag of marshmallows crammed in the back of your cupboard, unfurl that moldy sleeping bag, and don’t forget about the extra batteries for your flashlight, as Peaches Christ is going to give you an indoor night of camping-out you’ll never forget… if you survive.

Tickets on sale HERE

$15 in advance / $13 with Peaches Christ fan-club code

Join fan club HERE to receive the code for discount ticket


Special Events include:


Live ‘CAMP’ Songs with the Band CITIZEN MIDNIGHT

And prizes for campers competing in the following categories:

Naked Sleeping Bag Races

Curling Iron Peepshow

Short Shorts Fashion Contest

S’mores Speed-Eating Contest


It’s the return of true old school Mass as Peaches Christ, Martiny and the Midnight Mass Players bring this dirty little gem of a film to you right at the stroke of midnight! For those of you not used to staying out late without your parents, camp counselors will be in attendance for moral protection. Peaches has put together such an amazing night of entertainment, you might never want to go home again.

Peaches herself had this to say about why she loves Sleepaway Camp so much… (**spoilers ahead**)

“Someone might label this movie the greatest homophobic masterpiece of all time, but I must disagree. Could it be called the greatest, unsung, tranny-killer movie? Yes. Many think the LGBT community should reject tranny-killer movies like Dressed to Kill, Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs. But I’m for re-appropriating them. You can’t deny that they’re all (including Sleepaway Camp) highly entertaining movies. I choose to strip Sleepaway Camp of its -phobic powers by embracing the flat-out outrageousness of it. A boy, traumatized by witnessing his father’s gay affair, is forced to live with his crazy aunt who dresses him up like, and raises him as, a little girl. Years later, the ordeal of both has turned him/her into a killer bent on revenge against those who are cruel and judgmental. Don’t mess with the weirdoes; they’ll get you where and when you least expect it.”

Here’s the original trailer so you’ll start to get an idea of what you’re in for…

Fast Tube by Casper

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