ZOMBIE NIGHTLIFE @ California Academy of Sciences, 10/27

Zombie NightLife


For those of you not in the know every Thursday night, music, creatures and cocktails come together for NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences. Usually one explores exhibits and aquarium displays while sipping creative cocktails, letting exotic animals from around the world transport you to the tropics, Tibet, and dozens of other remote destinations. Special planetarium shows take you even farther afield.  Each week features a live band or DJ, and a unique theme – from salsa dancing to sustainable seafood and beyond. But of course this month, Peaches Christ is there to make it a something a little bit different… okay, a lot different.

For just days before Halloween, NightLife will be overrun with zombies!

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Take a crash course in zombie neuroscience with Zombie Research Society founder Brad Voytek, and learn how zombie-like symptoms would manifest themselves in real life.

You won’t want to miss the Zombie Drag Show and Costume Contest (un-dead attire encouraged!) emceed by Peaches Christ herself!  Makeup artists will be on hand for those who want to channel their inner zombie.

Plus, check out real brain specimens, hear from horror author Mira Grant, sample the latest in zombie video games, even go on a zombie apocalypse adventure through the museum.  In the planetarium, catch the Life and Death of Stars at 6:30 and discover how some stars live on as zombies in the after-life, followed by two showings of Life: A Cosmic Story. Music by DJ Tomas Diablo. Zombie NightLife is a Bay Area Science Festival event.


Don’t miss the disgustingly glittery (or is that disgusting and glittery) zombie drag show hosted by a very glamourous yet brain-hungry Peaches Christ, and featuring seasonally-inspired (i.e. terrifying) performances by some of San Francisco’s most infamous and bloodthirsty dead drag queens including the anything but Holy Mcgrail, the demonic Aurora Switchblade, the unwholesome Syphillis Diller (above), the devil’s spawn that is Cousin Wonderlette (right), and many more!




Dig up your deadliest, dirtiest, goriest look for the ultimate Zombie Costume Contest emceed by Peaches Christ and judged by horror hostess Miss Misery (left).  Gore couture!



Dance the night away alongside our recently deceased prom attendees at Miss Misery’s Zombie Prom!  Have your Zombie Prom photo taken in our charmingly grotesgue prom photo-booth and enjoy the dark dance music courtesy of DJ Tomas Diablo.



Professional zombie make-up artists Kegel Kater (above) and Lady Bear (right) will be on-hand to help you with your undead faces!  Allow them to apply a deathly palor, wound make-up, and loads of blood so that you don’t look like a living freak walking amongst the living dead.

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