Halloween Has Officially Begun… Trannyshack / Academy of Sciences / Counterpulse!

Hey Ghouls,
I’ve been away from SF hella long and I must say I’m starting to miss it. But I’ve been having grand East Coast adventures. I was in NYC for a week with Mad Magda visiting Troll Girl and Mistress Formika and got to see tons of great theatre including the brilliant show Arias With A Twist, the somewhat overrated but wonderfully designed Sleep No More and the uber-genius Dina Martina where I sat next to Michael Stipe. I said to him “cute penis” and he kinda nodded. Have you seen the pics? Anyway, it was a great week of pizza, bagels, and fromunda cheese! I then headed home to Maryland where I’m working on a new project (fingers crossed it happens), but also to visit my family, as well as gal pal Mink Stole, and enjoy some delicious Maryland crabs. I’ve already enjoyed crab-cakes, soft shell crabs, crab imperial, and good ol’ fashioned Maryland crab-like attitude. I’m practically crabbed out! Anyhow, it’s been a blast including a weekend of theme parking with my brother at Busch Gardens and King’s Dominion. I’m a bona-fide carny but gotta class up my act cuz I’m headed to Europe later this week for the Lausanne Underground Film Festival.
That’s right, we’re headed all the way to Switzerland! Myself, Trixxie Carr, Bea Dazzler, and Sam Sharkey are meeting up with some of our brilliant UK performer pals in Lausanne, Switzerland where some of the local performers will help us mount the All About Evil and PC 4-D Live Event. The festival is really incredible- both a film fest and a music festival. Our show is kicking off the film festival and the one and only Diamanda Galas is opening the music fest. Please tell an Euros you know to come on out and meet up with us. It’s gonna be wicked fearrrrz.
Speaking of wicked fearz- it’s officially Halloween Season- my favorite time of year! We are gearing up for some incredible events over at Peaches Christ Productions and I’m really hoping you’ll check out our fully updated website, now with Hallween goodies galore. And it’s completely killing me that I can’t tell you who our celebrity costume contest judge is at the upcoming Halloween: A Party! But I’m allowed to hint- so suffice it to say, this heavy metal drummer has a big reputation for being a fan of the tran and I mean, BIG. We’re all gonna wanna shout at the devil (between his legs)!
Another amazing show this month is at one of my favorite local arts spaces. CounterPULSE and Light Tap Productions, headed by local drag superstar Raya Light and local professional Equity actor Todd Pickering, are thrilled to present the world premiere of their new production, HALLOWEEN! THE BALLAD OF MICHELE MYERS. The premiere follows a successful staged singing of the production in August as part of CounterPULSE’s Summer Special series of events. The climactic ending to this horror musical was kept secret from audience members at the staged singing, but now with the full production this Halloween, also at CounterPULSE, all will be revealed! TICKETS ON SALE HERE!
Fearzly Yours,
Peaches Christ
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