Join the ship of ghouls!

Have you ever felt that something was missing from your life? No matter what you do, try, or attempt, no new hobby, job or relationship seems to fill that constant ache of vacancy in your dark, little soul. Peaches Christ is here to tell you that you need not feel alone any longer!

Join the legions of Peaches’ special ghoulfriends – become one of The Children of the Popcorn! Register with us and be the first to know about Peaches’ breaking gossip, upcoming events, where and when she’ll be next, and so much more. The fiercest part? Receive exclusive advance ticketing priveleges to upcoming Peaches Christ events– including fabulous Midnight Mass shows and more.

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And for those of you who want even more Peaches Christ in your life, who crave the ghastly as much as the glamorous, then we’d love for you to actually join our special family! We’re always looking for fresh blood talent to add to the mix that is the World of Peaches Christ.

No matter where you live, Peaches can use you for her purposes, which you’ll soon find are not surprisingly also yours. When we come to your city or town, we’ll need your fabulous self to help us promote our events, to help with transportation, Peaches will even use you for the pre-show. You know you’ve always wanted to give lap-dances, right?

Volunteers are now and always have been the backbone of Midnight Mass and Peaches Christ events, and we need all the devoted lovers of cult cinema, camp culture, and/or drag fabulousness to help us keep this ship of ghouls afloat.

To volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator right here.

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