Want to know more about the no-budget short films the “Tran-ilogy of Terror”? Read below to learn all about the ever-perilous adventures of Peaches Christ, Martiny, Heklina and Squeaky Blonde.

Season of the Troll
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SEASON OF THE TROLL – 15 minutes (2001)
Chapter one in the “Tran-ilogy of Terror ” begins when Peaches Christ discovers a hideous little-person and makes her part of the popular Midnight Mass stage-show. Peaches and sidekick Martiny nickname the creature “Troll Girl” and poke fun at her while she attempts to steal the spotlight onstage. Later, during the taping of a TV cooking episode, Martiny eats an entire casserole named “Cheese Blackout”. She falls violently ill. Peaches must hire a live-in nurse to care for Martiny. When the nurse murders Martiny via an intravenous cheese overdose, Peaches discovers Troll Girl to be the caretaker in disguise… from here the terror is just beginning!

A Nightmare on Castro Street
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A NIGHTMARE ON CASTRO STREET – 17 minutes (2002)
Part Two in the “Tran-ilogy of Terror” series. There’s a nightmare on Castro Street – a street where gay no longer means ‘happy’. Peaches Christ thought she was doing right by forcing her drunken gal pal Squeaky Blonde into rehab. When a sober Squeaky returns to the Castro, old ghosts prove too powerful and a terrifying relapse leads to a monstrous transformation!

What Ever Happened to Peaches Christ
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The third and final episode in Peaches Christ’s “Tran-ilogy of Terror”, Whatever Happened to Peaches Christ?finds a drunken Peaches desperately trying to hang on to a career in show biz. Her sidekick and ex-friend Martiny’s rise in popularity eventually sends Ms. Christ over the edge. A horrible accident catapults us forty years into the future where we find the “women” stuck in a roommate situation truly from hell.
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