Voila!  That’s French for something and it seems an appropriate way to inaugurate my website Tranifesto here at the all new, fully updated and re-designed   I’m beyond thrilled to be presenting this online world of all things Peaches Christ Productions, and I’m hoping you’ll explore everything we have to offer here and become one of us, the children of the popcorn.  I should warn you though that as you read this very sentence I’m washing your brain.  Peaches is pretty.  Peaches is pretty.  Peaches is pretty.

Enter the Peaches Universe!

This is a universe that celebrates the cult movie experience, studies it, worships it, and re-creates it.  We are movie dorks and proud of it.  I’ve dedicated my life to celluloid worship and am constantly recruiting like-minded film lovers and followers.  It’s my hope that through the world wide web we will be able to find more of our kind; people who want to get involved in what we do, share their love of the underground world we inhabit, and become their own fully realized embodiment of the cult superstar.  A good way to start is by creating your stage / drag name while registering as a user so that you can join our depraved online community.

Enjoy your stay and visit often!

Here at, you the visitor will be able to stay fully up to date on the goings on of yours truly, but most importantly we’ll all be able to share ideas and information about the stuff we love, as well as, the stuff we hate.  We will be providing fresh content on a regular basis so you’ll want to become a daily visitor.  This is now your favorite website.  Bookmark this website.  Bookmark this website.  Bookmark this website.

Brand new website. Same old cretins running it.

In creating the new site, I’ve approached it in the same way that I create one of my Midnight Mass movie events.  A group of some of my most talented friends and collaborators came together to create it and I couldn’t have done it without them.  We will be featuring content from a “colorful” array of contributors including regular submissions from clowns, satanists, women in prison, bad seeds, serial killers, and church leaders.  Please, get involved.  Join us.  Join us.  Join us.  It’s going to be an absolute blast!

-Peaches Christ

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