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She Came, She Saw, She Conquered, She Left a Bloody Mess…

WOW! FINALLY, A PICTURE OF THE VOMIT ITSELF!!! This incredible All About Evil EUROPEAN PREMIERE re-cap courtesy of Bren O’Callaghan (aka The Lady Pudding) tells the complete story of our Manchester, England production. Check out the photos, the videos, and links related to our British Adventure at the Abandon Normal Devices festival. This is a full reprint of the article by The Lady Pudding. Enjoy, Ghouls!


Abandon. Normal. Devices. That’s right, roll those words around your mouth as if you were tying a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue. A double-knot, mind. Intended as a catalyst for production and experimentation, AND is a collaboration between Cornerhouse(Manchester), FACT (Liverpool) and folly (Lancaster), cross-regional in base but international in scope. During October 2010 the emphasis was upon on explorations of identity, behaviour and systems that define who and what we are: from gender, questions relating to ab/normality and picking at the scab of taboo to reveal the raw and puckered flesh glistening beneath. Read More…

Victoria Theatre RECAP w/ Pics! Trannyshack Halloween! U.K. RECAP!

Hey Ghouls,

Happy Halloween Queens!!! This is by far my favorite holiday of the year (duh!) and after last week’s incredible All About Evil run at The Victoria Theatre, I could not be more thrilled with the entire season. Check out the full re-cap picture gallery below! The show went well beyond my expectations and watching the movie in the theatre where it was shot was as bizarre and wonderful an experience as I’d hoped it would be. I’m really hoping we can make this an annual tradition in San Francisco and eventually I’ll have co-created enough content to bring All About Evil The Musical all the way to Broadway baby! Read More…

Cult Filmmakers You Should Know #9: Ted V. Mikels

Cult Filmmakers You Should Know: Ted V. Mikels

By Michael Varrati

When it comes to pure, unadulterated drive-in era entertainment, I’d venture to say that few do it better than legendary cult icon Ted V. Mikels.

In fact, I’d be willing to state that the only thing that is likely more fun than watching a film by Mikels is the opportunity to be in one.

Luckily, those of us here at PC headquarters don’t have to speculate on such a situation blindly. Realizing many a cult fan’s dream, our very own Peaches Christ had the opportunity to explore the world of Mikels firsthand when she was cast in the director’s most recent cinematic outing, Astro Zombies M3: Cloned.

The film serves as the third installment in a trilogy Mikels began in 1968 with The Astro Zombies, and is poised to introduce the eccentric filmmaker’s unique brand of zany cinema to a whole new generation of eager cult fanatics.

Read More…

The Ultimate EVIL Event!

Hey Ghouls,

The event I’ve been looking forward to since we first began shooting All About Evil is finally here! Next week, we will mount four nights of the ultimate evil experience in 4-D when we present the San Francisco run at The Victoria Theatre itself! As you probably know, this is the very place the film is set and we are currently prepping, building, and rehearsing for the most ambitious pre-show presentation to date. It will be a fully immersive environmental theatrical experience that truly catapults you into the fourth dimension. Imagine actually entering into the world of the movie. Characters will come off-screen and be greeting you at the door! A spectacular and nightmarish pre-show precedes every screening! Prizes for best dressed “Gore Couture” audience members! Seats wired for electrocution! And soooo much more.

I’ve dreamed of creating an event on the set of the movie itself, and we’re finally bringing this to fruition. Don’t miss this “only in San Francisco” experience and come prepared to get involved, scream out loud, and have a spooktacular time! Tickets are now on sale here.

Read More…

The Victoria Theatre Screenings Are Here! 10/21-10/24, 8pm


ALL ABOUT EVIL: The Peaches Christ Experience in 4-D!

San Francisco’s favorite “gore, gore, girl,” Peaches Christ promises multiple nights of delirious entertainment and invites you have the ultimate experience at the theater where the movie was filmed!!!

Read More…

You Gotta See This! YOU JUST GOTTA!

Hey Ghouls,

One of us! One of us! You will become one of us! Please everyone, check out the internet premiere of my short / industrial film CHILDREN OF THE POPCORN. It’s a quick look in a typical day at the office for me and the staff over at Peaches Christ Productions featuring Martiny, Lady Bear, L Ron Hubby, and more. I’m really hoping that you and yours will post this thing all over your Face pages and what not so that we can continue recruiting children of the popcorn anywhere and everywhere. First the big cities! Next, the bible belt! Third World Countries!!! And finally, the Universe. Read More…

All About Evil Recap – Phoenix

The All About Evil Phoenix Recap

By Michael Varrati

It’s a sunny Saturday on the Southside of Pittsburgh and I’m quietly sitting at a coffee shop, nursing a rather unremarkable cup of java. I find myself staring down a woman several tables away who looks suspiciously like Leslie Hall, and I even briefly consider asking her if she is in fact the internet songstress. However, my internal debate is cut short with the chirping of my phone, announcing an incoming call from the one and only Peaches Christ.

I’m generally relieved to hear from Peaches, as we hadn’t actually touched base since the night of her Arizona show. I was concerned in the interim that she might have been deported, especially considering the state she was visiting and the fact that the surname “Christ” speaks to a generally Middle Eastern background. Read More…

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT #2: Siouxsie Sioux Tribute Night @ Trannyshack

Welcome back to Creatures of the Night! Hosted by one of the most voluptuous and beautiful Children of the Popcorn there is – Lady Bear. LB’s long had her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not in San Francisco bohemian nightlife. Follow her on her exploits about town, searching high and low for glamour in all its forms. She’ll keep you abreast of it all.

Read More…


The Only Place to Be This Halloween! With Hekles and PC!


This Halloween, Heklina and Peaches Christ return to the stage for their 4th annual holiday extravaganza, Halloween: A Party! These two best ghoul-friends join forces to create a Halloween party so fantastically frightening you’ll never forget it, no matter how hard you try! Featuring a special performance by guest star Julie Brown (Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun/Earth Girls Are Easy/MTV).

Your hostesses for the evening first decided to throw the fright-night in response to years of violence at the Castro Halloween Event. The party has quickly become the place to be on Halloween! Peaches and Heklina hope to continue their holiday tradition, mixing outrageous creativity with terrifying results in a safe space. The party is for all kinds of revelers looking to celebrate the traditional spirit of Halloween.

Read More…


We here at never dared to dream… But the day has come when we can announce the following…


Ladies and Gentlemen (and ghouls), this weekend marks the premiere of the all-new Elvira’s Movie Macabre throughout select U.S. markets!

For those of you too young to know, or too drug-damaged to remember, the original Elvira’s Movie Macabre ran throughout 1980’s television, educating an entire generation on what real/reel cinematic schlock truly is. And in the process, we all came to know and love one of the finest comediennes of our time – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (aka Cassandra Peterson). Anyone who watched during sexually formative years either wanted to grow up to be her, or do her… Which one were you?

Read More…

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ALL ABOUT EVIL is now screening on TV's scariest channel - CHILLER! Be sure to catch the screenings of everyone's new favorite Horror Film... Click HERE for dates/times.

Take a peek inside the main office over at Peaches Christ Productions. This short film stars all your favorites, including Martiny, Lady Bear, and L. Ron Hubby.

Ever wonder about how Peaches’ wigs are made? Or how she’s always able to keep up with the demand for her fabulous merchandise? What about this constant touring and relentless appearance calendar? How does she keep at it? Just who or what is behind the satanic machinery that is Peaches Christ Productions? What keeps it going? All these questions and more are answered in Children of the Popcorn. Watch, and become one of us!

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