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Holiday Wrongness! CHRISTMAS EVIL @ Midnight Mass. MINK STOLE @ Creative Alliance.

Hey Ghouls,

People keep telling me they cannot believe that after twelve years of doing Midnight Mass we’ve never done a CHRISTMAS MASS, so this Saturday night we’re going to pull out all the stops! The first-ever Peaches Christ(mas) Midnight Mass will celebrate the completely bizarre and fucked up film Christmas Evil. John Waters himself has declared it his favorite holiday film. This will be a 30th Anniversary Screening, as well as, the San Francisco premiere! Even Christmas Evil writer and director Lewis Jackson is coming to town for the event. It’s going to be a holiday night to dismember. I’ve highlighted the cavalcade of Christmas wrongness below, all for YOUR entertainment. And please know that with every admission, you get a complimentary one-way ticket to hell. Tickets & more are available RIGHT HERE.

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He’s a Porn Star… Get Over It

He’s a Porn Star…Get Over It

By Michael Varrati

To say that I like to avoid controversy is not entirely an accurate statement. I do, after all, make and write about horror films for a living, and in doing so am always in the process of offending someone. However, by and large, I generally attempt to steer clear of antagonizing people on a day-to-day basis, as it usually just leads to trouble.

Of course, such edicts are incredibly difficult to live by in a world of sensationalist journalism and rampant ignorance. By and large, most controversy that is paraded across the news is not the result of any truly dire, establishment bucking event…but rather the result of bored people needing something to bitch or gossip about.

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Jive Turkey! 5 More Days to Save on the All About Evil DVD!

Hey Jive Turkeys,

I wanted to send out a Happy Thanksgiving to all you ghouls in the hope that this somewhat gross and gluttonous holiday gets you stuffed! I promised myself I would not over-eat this year and guess what? I’m constantly breaking promises! Seriously though, not to be all mushy and what not, but I guess the thing I’m most grateful for this year is being surrounded by the most talented group of friends and fans a ghoul could ever hope to have.

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Cult Filmmakers You Should Know #11: Takashi Miike

Cult Filmmakers You Should Know: Takashi Miike

By Michael Varrati

Having been involved in the horror genre for quite awhile, I must confess I occasionally feel that I’ve hit a wall when it comes to what can legitimately scare or disturb me. I say this not with any sort of pretentious air, but more so a realistic approach to a blood-soaked industry that has become part of my everyday life. In some ways, it’s just an essential matter of survival. Those of us that craft tales of terror, make movies about them, or otherwise glorify things that go bump in the night tend to face our fears on a daily basis. Because of this, there is a relative thick skin that must be developed to avoid any sort of long term trauma. Movies that friends and family members find to be “shocking and gross” are usually “quirky and fun” to me. It may speak to an offbeat sense of humor, but that’s why the majority of cult fans would rather line-up to see Night of the Creeps than There’s Something About Mary. We just develop a new appreciation for what we’re watching, and it is rarely, if ever, based in any sort of genuine, base-level terror. If anything, it’s because we’re amused and tickled in some dark, but earnest way.

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It’s Finally Here! All About Evil DVD now available for pre-order!

Hey Ghouls,

I’m sending out this quick note to let you all know that the Unrated Collectors Edition DVD of our dark comedy gore film All About Evil is finally here, just in time for the holidays! As part of our special pre-sales promo, you can save $5 on every purchase by buying them online before they hit the streets on December 1st. I’m really proud of how the DVD was produced and it’s full o’ extras including:

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Cult Filmmakers You Should Know #10: Andy Milligan

By Michael Varrati

Admittedly, when filmmaker Andy Milligan was first mentioned to me by Peaches Christ Production’s own Bobby Barber, I had little to no idea who he was talking about.

Being an individual who prides himself on having an extensive knowledge of the world of cult cinema, the notion that there would be someone out there who I was unfamiliar with was both exciting and perturbing. On one hand, I was thrilled to discover something totally new…but on the other, I wondered if Milligan’s lack of presence in the world of fandom indicated that he was someone who didn’t even merit further exploration. Read More…

Midnight Mass 12/11 @ Bridge Theatre – CHRISTMAS EVIL!

Peaches Christ is inviting you to join us for a very special Midnight Mass, holiday presentation and Bay Area theatrical premiere of the warped, cult-classic CHRISTMAS EVIL on December 11, 2010 at Landmark’s Bridge Theatre. Not only will this be hostess Peaches Christ and the Midnight Mass players first wintery-themed extravaganza, Christmas Evil director Lewis Jackson will be attending the festivities in what promises to be a night to remember for all you naughty boys and girls out there! Read More…

Unrated Collector’s Edition AAE DVD! Holiday Cards! Burlesque!

Hey Ghouls,


This upcoming weekend we’re traveling all the way to Minneapolis with Evil co-stars Thomas Dekker, Jade & Nikita Ramsey, Anthony Fitzgerald, and Ashley Fink. This unofficially marks the end of the 2010 Tour De Fierce aka the Tour De Fat-Ass. On the road, my only comfort is food. It’s been an incredible year and I never dreamed we’d be able to take our movie on tour with a big ol’ Midnight Mass style pre-show Spooktacular, but we did, and the whole thing has been a wonderfully wild journey I’ll never forget. Read More…

Garbage Hooker CHRISTEENE & PEACHES CHRIST at Bearracuda!

Hey Ghouls,

I think that may have been the most epic October ever! Doing our show in England, a screening in Spain, and then bringing everything home to The Victoria Theatre in San Francisco for our All About Evil run has been beyond exciting for lil’ ole me. We now have our Victoria Theatre PICTURE GALLERY up online courtesy of photographer Brian Benson and you can check it out RIGHT HERE.

Of course the October grand finale was Halloween itself, where I joined Heklina for our annual Trannyshack party. I dressed up as Chucky Christ and was thrilled with how my costume turned out. I’m actually thinking of doing a big Midnight Mass Chucky Tribute in 2011 and I’ve now got the perfect outfit. Wanna see it? Check it out RIGHT HERE.
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She Came, She Saw, She Conquered, She Left a Bloody Mess…

WOW! FINALLY, A PICTURE OF THE VOMIT ITSELF!!! This incredible All About Evil EUROPEAN PREMIERE re-cap courtesy of Bren O’Callaghan (aka The Lady Pudding) tells the complete story of our Manchester, England production. Check out the photos, the videos, and links related to our British Adventure at the Abandon Normal Devices festival. This is a full reprint of the article by The Lady Pudding. Enjoy, Ghouls!


Abandon. Normal. Devices. That’s right, roll those words around your mouth as if you were tying a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue. A double-knot, mind. Intended as a catalyst for production and experimentation, AND is a collaboration between Cornerhouse(Manchester), FACT (Liverpool) and folly (Lancaster), cross-regional in base but international in scope. During October 2010 the emphasis was upon on explorations of identity, behaviour and systems that define who and what we are: from gender, questions relating to ab/normality and picking at the scab of taboo to reveal the raw and puckered flesh glistening beneath. Read More…

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