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“Bee in the Bonnet” by Kate Hupp

This movie is so good. I see something new every time I watch. It has a Rashomon-like structure, and it provides some sidesplitting satire on hipsters – “Free Palestine! Free Tibet!”

(2008) 6 min. 33 sec.

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“Dirty Words: The Letter C” by T. Arthur Cottam

There’s nothing I like more than a good, family-friendly educational film. Of course my definition of ‘family’ might be a little different than yours.

(2008) 3 min. 33 sec.

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“Shadow Circus Creature Theatre: A Hipster Tutorial”


(2006) 4 min. 8 sec.

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“Flextasy (with Double Duchess)” by Kate Hupp

So inspiring! Not only is this film an incredible testament to the bonds of womanhood, it’s also the best workout video and Hooters commercial I’ve ever seen. Their double-dutch moves still floor me.

(2004) 11 min. 40 sec.

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“My Worst Nightmare” by Waylon Bacon

My favorite of Bay Area filmmaker Wayon Bacon’s shorts. This one is creeeeeepy… Of course I love it even more because I’m scared and smirking at the same time.

(2008) 6min 53sec

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“Hell’s Kittens – teaser” by Jose Montesinos

I’ve always enjoyed Jose’s movies. This one needs to get made. The girls in this movie demand their own series of exploitation films – they’re straight from the high desert of Russ Meyer!

(2008) 2 min. 52 sec.

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“The Hand Model” by Jimmy Robson

The mind of Jimmy Robson…Terrifying. Enthralling. Hilarious. Try to look away.

(2008) 9 min. 26 sec.

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“Snack Lagoon” by Janelle Hessig

A wonderful tribute to drive-in movie theatre snack bar trailers of yore. Many of those oldies are now on a lot of the ‘special features’ on ‘Something Weird’ DVDs – Janelle’s homage is even better though.

(2006) 2 min. 42 sec.

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“The King (Phase Two)” by BoomtimeSF

Ballet/Butoh/Modern dance fusion starring the guys from “Perspectives”. Very uni-tard… and inspiring. Always makes me think of Martiny.

(2008) 5 min.

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“Perspectives” – pt.1 & pt.2 by BoomtimeSF

A hilarious send-up of those public affairs television programs, like “Frontline”. In this ‘episode’ a man must learn to come to terms with his inner longings – namely that of becoming a ram. Concluded in the second episode.

(2008) pt.1: 5min. 36sec. / pt.2: 6min. 55sec.

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