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LOVE GONE WRONG: A Cinematic Roundtable on Cupid’s Craziest Movie Moments

By Michael Varrati

I’ve never been one of those single people who carry a sense of vitriol for Valentine’s Day. While it’s true I don’t have a paramour with whom to share the holiday, I just don’t quite understand the need to allow an embittered sense of self-pity ruin what could otherwise be a good time. Furthermore, Valentine’s Day really should be a day of celebration for everyone, because it signals the fact that, in less than 24 hours, a shit ton of candy is about to get discounted at the local drug store.

If you can’t find the love in that, then honey, I don’t know what to tell you.

However, while I take no issue with Cupid’s special day, regular readers will be happy to know that I’m still undeniably me, and that means I can’t let this lover’s holiday slip by totally unscathed. While I do honestly appreciate Valentine’s Day, I’ve always had a habit of celebrating it in a way that is hugely, shall we say, non-traditional.

You see, whether I have a Valentine or not, one of my favorite things to do on this most romantic of days is to take in slices of cinema that highlight couples for whom the “til death do us part” portion of love is brought to the uncomfortable forefront. Maybe it’s a little sadistic, but there’s nothing quite like cuddling up to a date, throwing in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and seeing if they’ll stay snuggled up to you as George and Martha descend into martial dysfunction.

I mean, can you imagine a better evening? I know I can’t.

The truth is, I just love movies about love…gone wrong.

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THe HOLY TRINITY: A Roundtable on the Women of 9 to 5

By Michael Varrati

It’s a well-known fact that here at Peaches Christ HQ, we’re a deeply spiritual bunch.

As such, we often turn our thoughts to the Holy Trinity, allowing the solace of their presence and worldly miracles to heal us in times of sorrow. In the darkest of hours, it is their light that brings us through to a fabulous new morning.

Of course, for those less devout than we, I’m speaking of none other than the divine trio of Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton.

…and if you thought we were talking about something else, you really haven’t been paying attention.

Of course, independently, each of these women is a dynamic force of entertainment, a towering beacon of greatness that elicits the heartiest of gay gasps when even one of their names is mentioned. Bring them together, however, and you have a union tantamount to Nick Fury assembling the Avengers.

Such a summit of sass occurred approximately once in the winter of 1980, and the result was the epic masterpiece that is 9 to 5.

Hugely celebrated for over three decades, the Colin Higgins directed story of three women in the workplace who turn the tables on their misogynistic boss remains as popular as ever for the outstanding performances of its three leads and continued relevant commentary on the glass-ceiling politics of the modern workplace. Also, it’s just one hell of a fun film.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pandora Boxx on Playing Dolly in “Nine to Five”, “The Walking Dead” Drag, and Real Housewives Showdown

by Jason LeRoy

For her final movie event of 2013, Peaches Christ will collaborate with her longtime frienemy Heklina and RuPaul’s Drag Race season two fan-favorite Pandora Boxx for her first-ever celebration of the feminist comedy blockbuster Nine to Five. The screening of the film will be preceded by “WORK!”, an all-new stage show featuring Christ playing Judy (Jane Fonda), Heklina as Violet (Lily Tomlin), and Boxx starring as Doralee (Dolly Parton). Below, Boxx discusses what fans can expect from the show, her current TV obsessions, and which Real Housewife she’d lip sync for her life against.

What are you earliest memories of watching Nine to Five?

I watched the movie when I was a kid and I knew every word of it. I think I’ve known every word of it for years! It is one of my absolute favorite movies ever. The combination of the three of them together—Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin—was just brilliant. I actually watched it last night for costumes ideas, and it still makes me laugh. Everybody is just so perfect for their character.

How did a Nine to Five project with Peaches Christ come about?

I’ve known about Peaches for a long time and I’ve been an admirer of her work. We’ve been talking about working together and doing something, so it was just finding the right project. I was talking about projects with Jose A. Guzman Colon, a photographer whom we’d both worked with, and I was like, “What about Nine to Five? Have they ever done that? I would love to do that!” So he talked to her, she called me, and I was like, “Yes, let’s do it.”

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jinkx Monsoon talks GREY GARDENS, Drew Barrymore, and Out-of-the-Loop Queens

by Jason LeRoy

After her smash performances of The Craft starring Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck, midnight movie queen Peaches Christ continues collaborating with RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty. Reigning RPDR champion Jinkx Monsoon will join Christ and cult film legend Mink Stole for Return to Grey Gardens, an all-new stage show preceding a screening of the classic documentary on October 12 at the Castro Theatre.

Although Grey Gardens is arguably one of the most well-known films in the gay cult canon, this is the first time it’s getting the Peaches Christ treatment. “I think that Grey Gardens found its cult audience really early on, and as the film was shared by its lovers and passed around by fans over the years, the cult of Grey Gardens grew and grew,” Christ says. “I remember attending a screening of the film at the Castro Theatre seventeen years ago and feeling the love the audience had for these women, cheering on their performances when the Edies sang and danced. You could really feel how connected people felt to the subjects in the movie. It’s definitely time for us to celebrate the movie with one of our events.”

On the subject of Ms. Monsoon, Christ says, “I’m a big fan of Jinkx and met her briefly before she was on Drag Race, so I was really rooting for her and Alaska before the show even began. I think her most pivotal moment on the series was when she impersonated Little Edie and won the hearts of CULTivated (get it?) drag fans everywhere.  The fact that there were pageant queens on the show who didn’t know who Little Edie was and criticized her choice to perform as her made her big win all the more delicious.”

Below, check out our exclusive full-length conversation with Jinkx Monsoon about how she first discovered Little Edie, which of her Drag Race costars have educated themselves about Grey Gardens since the show, the other reference she made that continually left them in the dark, and who would win in a Little Edie-Off between her, Drew Barrymore, and The New Normal’s precocious Bebe Wood.

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By Michael Varrati

On August 24th, 2013, hundreds of scantily clad cinema & sleaze enthusiasts descended on the Bay Area as the result of a sixteen year odyssey that began when my dear ghoufriend Peaches Christ invited the city of San Francisco, and subsequently the world, to celebrate a singular chapter in cult film history. For nearly twenty years now, Peaches has hosted thousands of screaming fans who have traveled near and far to worship at the altar of Paul Verhoeven’s seminal masterpiece, Showgirls.

As a committed member of the Peaches Christ family, I’ve done my share of Midnight Mass events, but I have to tell you, there are few that engender the level of excitement that surrounds Showgirls. After so many years of presenting the film, which Quentin Tarantino once famously described as “the last great American grindhouse movie,” the people who gather to celebrate it with us have come to expect nothing but the absolute best in showmanship and sin. Peaches, who has taken her personal love of Showgirls to an unprecedented public degree, has made it her mission to celebrate the movie in the grand fashion in which it was made, and, in the process, inarguably helped add to the film’s new lease on life in the cinematic pantheon.

Indeed, in some circles, Peaches’ preshow celebration of the movie has become just as popular as the film itself, and this latest outing proved no different.

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Exclusive interview with KIER-LA JANISSE on her now seminal book “House of Psychotic Women”

by Alan Kelly

Proving both a rewarding and immersive experience is film programmer and journalist Kier-la Janisse’s punishing film study/memoir hybrid House of Psychotic Women.  Self-examination via the other in exploitation & horror cinema is arguably a controversial (and potentially divisive to readers) way to approach non-fiction film analysis, albeit a risk worth taking (is there any other kind?) with the author’s life-long pathological adherence to cult-ish celluloid paying off. So far, the book has received uniformly positive reviews, a glowing endorsement from the late writer Iain Banks and introduced a whole new audience – and not only those affiliated with the broad range of film circles which the author’s obsession has occupied over the years – to the depth, scale and psychological carnage of Kier-la’s life and brilliant work.

Janisse has penned a selection of self-reflective essays (Don’t worry, this isn’t just the one-note ramblings of a narcissistic trauma junky; Janisse cements her conclusions/arguments with expert film analysis and razor-sharp feminist rhetoric) on archetypal female psychotics in cult cinema, offering hardcore cinephiles (and horror purists) even those with an encyclopaedic knowledge of many of the films a meta-driven overview (an opportunity to explore the minutiae of each character by way of painful autobiographical  exhumation) of the cinematic ghosts in the historical narrative of exploitation cinema.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Montreal native would end up carving out a career in the blood-and-guts-caked horror film industry with her past & present journalism credits including writing stints with Fangoria and Rue Morgue, respectively. She also happens to be a regular guest at international events like Adele Hartley’s Dead by Dawn in Edinburgh and a short film submissions wrangler at Fantasia and one of the most talented and respected people working in the genre right now…

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ALL OF THEM WITCHES: Five Must-See Cinematic Spells

By Michael Varrati

I will totally admit that I have a thing about witches.

Like most people growing up in the age of modern pop culture, my first exposure to these hexy broads came in the form of Margaret Hamilton’s iconic Wicked Witch of the West.  As countless generations of children had been captivated by the magic of The Wizard of Oz, I’m sure my parents thought they were doing a good thing by having a family movie night to show me Judy’s musical adventure.

Of course, they couldn’t possibly know when the film started, nor could I, that major life trauma was mere minutes away. In their defense, everything was going rather swimmingly at the onset. The movie was colorful, the songs were fun, and these little people were singing about candy-centric organizations. These are all things with which a little kid will have no problem getting on board. However, suddenly, in the midst of all this Technicolor gaiety, a flash of smoke and wicked cackle brought my little world crashing down.

Interrupting Dorothy’s gleeful bopping in the most epic way, the green specter of Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch was revealed for the first time…

…and I freaked the fuck out.

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck on “THE CRAFT”

by Jason LeRoy


After headlining last summer’s sold-out Peaches Christ production of The Silence of the Trans, Sharon Needles is returning to San Francisco—along with her boyfriend and RuPaul’s Drag Race season five runner-up Alaska Thunderfuck—to join Christ and fellow Drag Race contestant Honey Mahogany for a can’t-miss performance based on the beloved 1996 teen horror flick The Craft, live at the Castro Theatre on July 13. I recently rang up Sharon and Alaska to discuss loving The Craft, being goth in high school, and which Drag Race contestants they’d like to cast spells on.


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GORE UP YOUR GAY PRIDE: 10 Films of Homosexual Horror

By Michael Varrati

Hail, bloody Marys!

June is upon us, and for most of the continental United States (Illinois is in question as of late), the month long celebration of Gay Pride has begun!

This June is especially gay for those of us here at Midnight Mass HQ, because in addition to our usual celebrating, Peaches is currently gearing up to welcome horror’s most illustrious male scream queen, Mark Patton, to join her for a June 22nd screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Long celebrated for its overt gay subtext, Nightmare 2 is the perfect flick for blood-thirsty gays who are looking to add some chills to their Pride thrills.

Of course, Nightmare 2 isn’t the only horror film out there that adds a little queer to its fear, so today we’re going to delve a little deeper into some homo-horrors and provide for you the absolute best assortment of horror films to give your Pride party a little zest.

Luckily, as multi-faceted as my friendship with Peaches Christ may be, the one thing above all else that we share in common is our love of silver screen scares. As such, this article provided the two of us the marvelous opportunity to sit down and do what we ghoulfriends do best: Gab about gore.

Of course, beyond Midnight Mass, Peaches is no slouch when it comes to injecting a bit of the old homosexual hijinks into a genre flick. Her own movie, All About Evil (directed by her alter-ego, Joshua Grannell) saw drag queens and camp icons alike join together to face off against a murderous character played by Natasha Lyonne, and the film has already inspired a number of cult screenings worldwide. Of course, humility dictates that we shouldn’t include it in our list, but I’m going to give it an honorable mention. After all, this is Peaches’ site, and furthermore, it’s a damn good movie, which is something I’d say even if I wasn’t part of the PC team. Besides, Christ gives so much for us all, I think watching All About Evil this month is a good way to give back to Christ.

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Richie Valens Rising: An Interview with Rob Fatal, Director of LA BAMBA 2: Hell is a Drag

By Michael Varrati

Watching the kaleidoscopic fever dream that is Rob Fatal’s La Bamba 2: Hell is a Drag leaves the viewer with the indelible impression that the very zeitgeist is having a revolution.

As the title suggests, La Bamba 2 is something of a spiritual sequel to the 1987 film starring Lou Diamond Phillips, which, in of itself, is a bit of a conundrum. After all, how does one make a sequel to a film that is based on such true, extremely finite events as the life of Richie Valens? If you’re Rob Fatal, you do it with panache, surrealism, and no small amount of camp.

La Bamba 2, which will have its world premiere at the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival (hosted by our own Peaches Christ and Sam Sharkey), is as much an ode to Valens as it is to Fatal’s own personal and cinematic explorations of self and culture. Moreover, it is a film that isn’t confined by any one set of rules, utilizing the biography of an icon to explore the hopes and dreams of an individual seeking an identity of his own.

The plot of La Bamba 2 mostly concerns itself with the character of Rob Fatal (playing some semblance of himself), whose idolization of Richie Valens has led to a lifetime of yearning and identity crisis. However, Fatal gets the chance to come face-to-face with his hero when the rocker is taken captive by the forces of the underworld, and Fatal is pulled down to Hell to help in the search. Read More…

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