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PEACHES CHRIST @ Academy of Sciences’ NIGHTLIFE, 12/15. She Hopes You’ve Been Naughty…

For those of you who missed the rare appearance of “Peaches Claus” last year at the fabulous Christmas Evil show, this month’s your chance to see her multiple times! Aside from our Holiday Spectacular at the Castro Theatre on the 17th, Peaches Claus will be making an appearance at The Academy of Sciences NIGHTLIFE party on Thursday, December 15th!

Have you been naughty or nice? Want to sit on Peaches’ lap? Do you have your list of presents ready? Are you prepared to have your vision of Santa Claus shattered? Your illusions of Christmas forever ‘altered’? Then hurry down to the Academy for NIGHTLIFE, and experience a Santa Claus that could only come from San Francisco…

Buy Your Tickets HERE! There’s a entire evening of winter wonderland events! Check it all out below…

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BLOWPONY vs. PEACHES CHRIST, Saturday November 26th @ BRANX, Portland OR

Saturday November 26th F*CK THANKSGIVING and get stuffed at BLOWPONY! with live performance and hosted by legendary Queen






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HALLOWEEN: A Reflection of Holiday Perfection

By Michael Varrati

“I just show up and do what I do. And for me it has to be real — anything I do, I don’t care what it is. On Halloween, I can remember, John Carpenter’s first and only real direction to me was, ‘I want people to believe this is a real person.’ All I care about is trying to make anything real — and then because I’m brave I’ll try anything.”

-Jamie Lee Curtis

It’s the Tuesday before Halloween. Perched on the balcony of my apartment, I’ve got a warm cup of coffee in hand and a less than expertly carved Jack-O-Lantern in the chair to my right. There’s an autumn chill, but I really don’t notice. I’ve been too busy musing over the upcoming holiday.

For horror fans the world over, Halloween is something sacred and celebratory. It’s the time when we’re not the minority, but the ruling class. The order of things may return to the squares on November 1st, but for one night, the freaks and beasts run the show. That such mirth also happens to occur amidst the wonderfully atmospheric scenery of fall is just the icing on the cake. Read More…

HALLOWEEN: A PARTY! Hosted by Heklina & Peaches Christ @ DNA Lounge 10/29

Halloween: A Party! Presented by Trannyshack

Hosted by Heklina & Peaches Christ

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh St., San Francisco

Doors 9:30pm-3am, Trannyshack show at 11pm

$20 in advance at, $25 at door

Get ready to shout at the devil with a Rockin’ Big Surprise Celebrity Guest Star in a legendary appearance as this year’s Costume Contest Judge!  Size queens rejoice!

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Halloween Has Officially Begun… Trannyshack / Academy of Sciences / Counterpulse!

Hey Ghouls,
I’ve been away from SF hella long and I must say I’m starting to miss it. But I’ve been having grand East Coast adventures. I was in NYC for a week with Mad Magda visiting Troll Girl and Mistress Formika and got to see tons of great theatre including the brilliant show Arias With A Twist, the somewhat overrated but wonderfully designed Sleep No More and the uber-genius Dina Martina where I sat next to Michael Stipe. I said to him “cute penis” and he kinda nodded. Have you seen the pics? Anyway, it was a great week of pizza, bagels, and fromunda cheese! I then headed home to Maryland where I’m working on a new project (fingers crossed it happens), but also to visit my family, as well as gal pal Mink Stole, and enjoy some delicious Maryland crabs. I’ve already enjoyed crab-cakes, soft shell crabs, crab imperial, and good ol’ fashioned Maryland crab-like attitude. I’m practically crabbed out! Anyhow, it’s been a blast including a weekend of theme parking with my brother at Busch Gardens and King’s Dominion. I’m a bona-fide carny but gotta class up my act cuz I’m headed to Europe later this week for the Lausanne Underground Film Festival.

ZOMBIE NIGHTLIFE @ California Academy of Sciences, 10/27

Zombie NightLife


For those of you not in the know every Thursday night, music, creatures and cocktails come together for NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences. Usually one explores exhibits and aquarium displays while sipping creative cocktails, letting exotic animals from around the world transport you to the tropics, Tibet, and dozens of other remote destinations. Special planetarium shows take you even farther afield.  Each week features a live band or DJ, and a unique theme – from salsa dancing to sustainable seafood and beyond. But of course this month, Peaches Christ is there to make it a something a little bit different… okay, a lot different.

For just days before Halloween, NightLife will be overrun with zombies!

Buy your tickets HERE!


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THE BAD SEED w/ Patty McCormack LIVE! The Castro Theatre, Sat. 10/15 7:30pm

“Smooth the wrinkles from your brow my dear, your face is so much prettier when smiling.”


We here at are proud to announce that for one-night only legendary San Francisco filmmaker and event promoter Marc Huestis is presenting one of the greatest camp movie classics of all-time… THE BAD SEED! And, of course, in true Huestis fashion, the show wouldn’t be complete without bringing along a major star. In person for Q&A will be none other than the scene-stealing villain from The Bad Seed, Patty McCormack herself!

If you’ve never seen this film before, now is the time to change that. There’s a small group of films that are so magical when seen not just on a screen the size of the Castro, but more importantly, with a Castro audience. The Bad Seed is one of those movies. The whole evening is a night to remember, with not just Ms. McCormack, but a whole menagerie of San Francisco stars.

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Good Vibrations’ 6th Annual IXFF @ The Castro Theatre 9/22

Good Vibrations’ Sixth Annual Independent Erotic Film Festival

Celebrates Smut and Sex-Positivity on the Big Screen

Pioneering Adult Retailer Explores Sexy Cinema with Five Nights of Diverse Screenings, Panels and Parties in San Francisco

What gets you hot and bothered?  What makes you laugh?  What makes you say “WHAAA?!?” Independent filmmakers from around the world are ready to show you in 7 minutes or less as part of Good Vibrations Sixth Annual Indie Erotic Film Festival (IXFF) from September 17th – 22nd at various venues in San Francisco.  With an all-star lineup of thematic screenings, panels, and features leading up to the shorts competition at the Castro Theatre, IXFF celebrates the spectrum of sexuality in this uniquely San Francisco tradition.

Good Vibrations, the trusted Bay Area retailer that takes pride in providing accurate information on sexuality and toys for grown-ups, presents erotic cinema that goes far beyond the standard erotic fare offered by mainstream media, be they funny, romantic, hardcore, no sex, gay, straight, lesbian, queer, or kinky. Read More…

Show Me Yours – SHOWGIRLS Portland / SFShorts @ The Roxie Theatre

Hey Ghouls,

I feel like I’m still recovering from the epic sold-out Goddesscon 2011 aka SHOWGIRLS at the Castro Theatre. Over 1,300 screaming fans and 100 lap-dancers filled the historic movie palace for an evening of lap thrusting, volcano dancing, and high high glamour! It was an incredibly fun time and I’m already looking forward to next year’s insanity. For anyone who would like to see what some of it looked like, please check out the great video put together by the talented Priscilla Murray. You can see it by clicking RIGHT HERE. Speaking of next year’s Showgirls event at the Castro Theatre, we’ve launched a campaign to encourage Elizabeth Berkley herself to attend Goddesscon 2012. It will be her birthday in July and I would love it if she’d come to SF and allow us to worship her in the flesh! I’ve created a Facebook page that I’m hoping loads of you will Like and Share with all your friends. This is a cause that’s near and dear to so many of our hearts and I have faith that if we all pull our resources, we can make this happen. The “Bring Elizabeth Berkley To Peaches Christ’s Annual SF Showgirls Screening” Page can be found by clicking RIGHT HERE. Read More…

Peaches is GODDESS: The SHOWGIRLS 2011 Recap

By Michael Varrati

“We are ALL whores tonight!”

With this singularly sleazy declaration, cult phenomenon Peaches Christ brought the already excitable crowd at the Castro Theater to a roaring fever pitch.

The event, Christ’s annual presentation of the cult classic Showgirls, had a palatable excitement from the evening’s onset. As the audience slowly trickled into the historic San Francisco venue, there was no doubt that the vibe resembled something akin to a rock concert. For those unfamiliar with Peaches and the whole Midnight Mass milieu, they would quickly learn that what was in store was no mere movie screening, but rather an interactive spectacle to boggle the mind and titillate the senses.

After all, Peaches doesn’t do subtlety, and Showgirls is certainly a film that demands a high level of opulent worship. For fans of both, all things promised were delivered in spades.


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Take a peek inside the main office over at Peaches Christ Productions. This short film stars all your favorites, including Martiny, Lady Bear, and L. Ron Hubby.

Ever wonder about how Peaches’ wigs are made? Or how she’s always able to keep up with the demand for her fabulous merchandise? What about this constant touring and relentless appearance calendar? How does she keep at it? Just who or what is behind the satanic machinery that is Peaches Christ Productions? What keeps it going? All these questions and more are answered in Children of the Popcorn. Watch, and become one of us!

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